Mo Lotion Mo Problems

My nails went without a lick of polish for 2 months. (Only half true – my toenails saw color all summer long). It was really quite freeing, actually. No upkeep, no trendy shade to tire of (as if the polish ever stays on my fingers long enough to reach that stage, anyway), no thin, discolored nails – “no polish, no problem” is what I discovered.  And so what if it was just a bout of laziness masquerading as a show of solidarity to a more simplified lifestyle? I switched my $26 mascara for a $6 one and my $20 shampoo for a $7 model – I think it’s fairly obvious that I’ve been paring down. But when I got a surprising ruling from my dermatologist last month, my newfangled vigor for easy living was shaken.

He told me not to wear lotion. None. Nyet. No moisturizer for my face. Here I am, 24 years old, feeling quite proud of myself for taking proactive measures with my never-missed (NEVER) nightly skincare regime: cleansing, toning, medicating, moisturizing. And to find out that I’ve been, in my derm’s opinion, doing more harm than good by slapping on a layer of lotion (clogged pores, blah, blah…I can’t remember)…well, to be honest, I left the office feeling baffled. The advice goes against everything I believe in when it comes to beauty, skincare, and overall wellness.

He assured me that it could be done. The skin is built to oil itself. Other patients mentioned feelings of tight skin, but the sensation would only be temporary. Ok, doc, I’ll try it! (Skepticism at an all-time high.) Well, I did try it, and guess what? I survived…

…for an entire day. Seriously, I am not up for it. My skin felt more than tight, it looked lackluster, and it started to flake in a spot or two. Back to the lotion I went. At least this time I was armed with the right stuff.  I was shocked to hear that my current course of action, Cetaphil, was not up to snuff. Apparently, even though the product markets itself as non-comedogenic and dermatologist recommended, nothing could be further from the truth. Fooled me again! Now, I apply a very light layer of Moisturel per the derm’s suggestion in response to my extreme skepticism. It seems to be doing its thing. Crisis averted.

What’s your stance on skincare? Are you an avid moisturizer? Can you do without?

moisturelMoisturel Therapeutic Lotion | $12.99 | CVS Pharmacy