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Do Blush

Blushcollage1Blushcollage2Blush is trending. (In my mind, if not anywhere else.) Typically, blush refers to the palest of pinks; the softest of rouges. While I do admit I prefer the lightest tint, I refuse to discriminate against a perfectly good tinge of rose. You know, it’s a decidedly feminine color, but somehow I see it as a kind of neutral. (This probably won’t be a popular opinion in terms of home decor once I’m living with a gentleman). Until then, I’ll just sit and ponder how, pray tell, I can incorporate the joy-inspiring color into my daily life. I do have a tiny feather pillow from Anthropologie that sits atop my bed in all its peach-toned glory, but the feathers have been shedding little by little and – dare I say it – its life might be coming to a premature end. In a passionate effort to emulate the high-gloss faux taxidermy pictured above, I purchased my own (genuine) deer skull with the intention of paintingĀ it the same color – or a little lighter (details on this project to come). For a few reasons (logistics included), I decided to ditch the pink and bought a can of metallic gold spray paint instead. Why? I’m still not sure. I think I convinced myself that gold better suited my ideal decor plan, it has greater longevity, and it is significantly more gender-neutral. Since my dose of blush was compromised, I need to find another way to scratch the itch. I’m thinking an upholstered chair might do.