Questions for a Creative

Questions for a Creative – Chelsey Johnson, Publicity Assistant

The second addition of Questions for a Creative features a very good, very beautiful, very stylish friend of mine: Chelsey Johnson. This girl has been in my life since the tender age of 5 and will be in it forevermore. I admire her bravery and the persistence and relentlessness with which she has approached her new life on the East Coast. She is funny; she is smart; she is one tough cookie. Hats off to Chels. And don’t you dare mistake her for an ‘ea’, because she is most certainly an ‘ey’. There’s a big difference.


Kiehl’s Cranberry Lip Balm #1

Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Protective Creme SPF 15

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Moss

Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in Diamond Black Purple

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara 

Nars Blush

Urban Decay Nail Polish

Rag & Bone Harrow Boot

3.1 Phillip Lim ‘Pashli’ Leather Satchel

Aveda Candles

Interview Magazine

Moleskin Notebooks


Pas De Deux NYC




Thought Catalog

Laughing Squid

Brain Pickings

Sincerely Jules

The Coveteur

Man Repeller


Belated Met Ball Bests

Yeah, I’m two days late. I get it. I’m teetering on irrelevancy. Sorry ’bout it – I’ve been preoccupied with the job hunt and all that accompanies it. I did, however, make the effort to set aside a hefty chunk of time on Monday night to view the live stream of the 2013 Met Gala red carpet procession. Let’s discuss.

Number 1:

This was the first time I had the pleasure of watching the live stream of this event. Well, I guess I had the pleasure last year, but I didn’t partake for one reason or another. I was probably busy building a miniature 3D floorpad for a new-and-improved Target men’s shop or something. (See: ‘Grant’ for more on this – one inch, hand-bent hangers included). I enjoyed every minute of the broadcast, both because Hilary Rhoda and Billy Norwich spoke with quite a few of my celebrity girl crushes AND because they did it in such a fantastically awkward way. Think back to the complete disregard of Leslie Mann and the Vivienne Westwood snub – both particularly painful. Really good bad TV.

Number 2:

The number of attendees that immersed themselves in the theme of the occasion was few and far between (though Hilary did make sure we knew what it was: PUNK, in case you missed the 23 reminders). I applaud those that went all out in honor of the evening and absolutely refuse to criticize the looks that were fitting with the rebellious spirit, no matter how ridiculous. (People have been so down on Miley, for one, and I won’t stand for it. I’m not even a Miley fan.)

Taking into account everyone involved, punk and non-punk, let’s round up the best of the best.


Sarah Jessica Parker. Forever the fashion icon in my eyes (and one of the most gorgeous women alive. No, I do NOT think she resembles a horse, thank you), SJP turned it out as per ush. Keep doin’ your thing, girl. (Giles Deacon gown; Philip Treacy headpiece)



Rooney Mara. Somehow she manages to look light, feminine, sexy, and edgy all at the same time. How does she do it? (Givenchy)


Nicole Richie. Silver hair? Props to you, lady. Despite all of the white, this ensemble is oozing darkness. I wouldn’t typically be into it, but considering the occasion, she hit the nail on the head. (Topshop)

Nicole-RichieMiley Cyrus. Another chick that went all out with zero limitations. A totally obnoxious look that was, truthfully, just right for the event. (Marc Jacobs)


Taylor Tomasi Hill. Killer spikes bring her Antoinette-like gown to an almost-punk status.


ANDLet’s just take a moment to appreciate that this happened:


And this:



Magic in a Marant Coat


An Isabel Marant collarless Coby Coat:  bronze quilted cotton with caramel suede trim. Boxy, relaxed, magical.There’s something about it. I don’t know what it is, but this coat of mine draws attention from the most unlikely of sources. The number of times complete strangers made the effort to compliment my coat within a 75-minute time span at the Mall of America on a Friday afternoon? Thrice. And once from across a wide hallway as we walked in opposite directions. Really? The shopper inconvenienced herself to mention it. I’m not sure I have ever felt so compelled to compliment someone’s garb. (Is that wrong of me? I have certainly admired, but not quite so vocally). There is hardly a time when I wear the coat that I don’t receive a compliment. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. It has surpassed the point of normalcy and has reached an incomprehensible status. What IS it about this item? It boggles my mind.

It’s not that I don’t like the coat. I love it. In fact, it’s one of the best purchases I have ever made. I fell so hard at a Minnesota Consignment-Store-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named (a girl has got to keep some things to herself) that I didn’t think twice about its size (approximately 2-3 sizes larger than Ms. Marant intended for it to be worn, it seems). It is totally wearable and pairs well with almost everything. The dollar-per-wear statistic has reached a minuscule amount. In two words: worth it.

I just can’t seem to understand why the coat draws so much attention. It’s lovely, sure. It’s easy and breezy – check. It’s well-designed and of quality construction. I appreciate all of these things. But I am the owner. And typically, I tend to like things that don’t always please the masses (see: “Some Dolls are Cool” for more on this). I’d love to have some concrete answers to offer up here; but unfortunately, that is not the case. Further analysis on the subject will be undertaken. Obviously, this is a serious matter.

Thanks to all of the complimentary people of the world, I know this coat must work for me – whatever the reason. I’m fairly certain that in order to fulfill my destiny, I must wear this piece of outerwear to every job interview and impression-forming meeting from now until the end of time. Below-freezing temps? No question. 90 degree heat? Whatever, coat! I’ll wear you anyway. You ooze me-ness but somehow make me seem way cooler than I actually am. This can work to my advantage. Thanks for the fake-out tool, Lady Isabel.

(Photo cred: Benjamin Leis; from September 2012, Lake Pepin, MN)



Questions for a Creative

Questions for a Creative – Rose Curry, Art Director

I am so excited to introduce a more consistent feature into the world of AOTT (All of the Things…just making sure you’re still with me). Every now and again, I will feature a creative soul in a post which, through a Q&A format, aims to uncover what the individual loves, and more importantly, what kinds of things make him or her tick.

First up is my friend Rose Curry: A natural beauty with an independent spirit and a thirst for hard work (believe me, this girl can get things done – the two of us worked together on a product development team during our senior year of college). She is a Minnesota-turned-California girl and a simply fantastic being. Enjoy your peek into her universe.Rose-Curry


Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum 

Lanvin Arpège ‘Éclat d’Arpège’ Eau de Parfum Spray

Versace Signature Eau de Parfum

Gap Dream Perfume

Chanel No. 5 Parfum

Viva la Juicy Eau de Parfum

Lollia Cabbage Rose and Citrus Perfume

Thymes Kimono Rose Cologne

Macbook Pro

Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Lens

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Liner in Bleu Marine

Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara

Laura Mercier Wild Bouquet Blush

OPI Monsooner or Later

Massimo Dutti Tote

Matt & Nat Handbag

Anthropologie Candles

Blick Notebook


egg press Sample Sale!


One of my faaavorite, favorite stationers is having an online sample sale.

egg press is offering a ‘grab bag’: 10 cards for $10. This is one heck of a deal, considering one of these beautifully letter pressed cards can run you up to $6. (This is honestly on the low end of the cost spectrum. egg press is competitively priced in the world of letter press.) The catch? It’s a toss up as to what cards you’ll receive in the 10 pack. Is this a risk I want to take? Obviously, $10 isn’t a huge investment; but I don’t want to end up with a half dozen cards that don’t suit anyone or that I’m not in love with. (I love most of what they do, so the chances are fairly slim, I suppose.)

What do we think? To partake or not to partake?

Visit egg press to check it out for yourself.


Local Goods: Spring Finn & Co.


The Architect Bag from the folks at Spring Finn & Co. is one of those items that would nicely round out my wardrobe repertoire – if I only had the funds to scoop it up. With its slim profile and sustainable, tough design, this meeting/laptop bag marries beauty and functionality, a combination so hard to come by. (Believe me, I know . . . I’ve Google searched “most beautiful microwave” with no success.)Like the leather on the trim of a Louis Vuitton bag, the top-grade leather used in Spring Finn & Co. products patinas and darkens to perfection over time. Another plus? All components of the line are sourced from the good old US of A. That’s something I think we can all get behind.

Talin Spring, the genius behind the Minnesota-born brand, is a Parisian at her core (especially enticing, being a bit of a Francophile, myself). Talin used Paris as her homebase and launching pad for worldwide travel over the years. Now stationed in Minnesota, she is, in the words of her website, “producing a rare sampling of these bags in collaboration with local artisans.” Très bon, I say.

Visit to purchase any item in the assortment. The Foundry Home Goods in Minneapolis’s up-and-coming North Loop area and Brightwater Clothing and Gear in Excelsior each stock select Spring Finn & Co. items, as well.
Fashion, Street Style

Man Stuff

Menswear-inspired-collageI unintentionally favor menswear-inspired looks. Well, maybe it’s intentional, but sometimes it’s subliminal. As I flipped through the pins on my “Street Style” board (Pinterest remains the hero of my universe), I noticed a few reoccurring themes: boyfriend jeans (to be profiled in depth at a later date), oversized outerwear, and slouchy beanies (sort of irrelevant to this conversation, because they are a unisex item as far as I’m concerned). Also? Navy and black. Surprising, because I rarely combine the two in my own wardrobe. I think I’m still a little unnerved about wearing the colors together. They’ve long been frenemies in the traditional fashion sense; a faux pas of sorts. I must remember to break out of that shell. Navy and black are “chi-iii-iiiic” (a’la Chic P’Trique, cue video). I digress…

Sometimes, if I sport the looser looks on too many consecutive days, I feel the need to wear something figure-conscious to show that I actually have a shape. And I don’t mean, like, “Yeah, I’ve got some rockin’ legs on me”; I just mean, literally, I have two legs that are in proportion to the rest of my body as you see it. (The same issue applies to my upper body). I think the worry is unwarranted, but it’s an honest insecurity, nonetheless. Regardless, I tend to feel most like myself in the kind of uniform pictured above. I’m a downtown tomboy/girl at heart.