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Inspiration on Pointe

You know you are watching a lot of Netflix when you resort to plowing through three seasons of an ABC network television show (think Australian, not American) in a few short weeks due to lack of options. The thing is, though, Dance Academy turned out to be a worthwhile time commitment. With just-cheesy-enough writing, the storyline follows a group of high school students attending the top ballet school in Australia (coupled with all of the ups and downs that accompany the lifestyle, naturally). I finished the series with a sense of longing to move and dance – a great compromise for an ex-figure skater, but so far I’ve been too intimidated to attend a dance class alone. Along with love and admiration for the art form itself, I have well-developed idealistic feelings for the attire that accompanies it. Even more than that, I am inspired by the romantic aura that is and will forever be synonymous with being a ballerina.

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Fashion at the Ballet

There are not many things more beautiful than the extension and line of a human body. This grace, combined with the artistry of a wearable garment, carries an allure that is difficult to replicate. In other words…what a knockout!