Wrapped in Red


What would Christmas be without packages wrapped with care and laced with love? Well, truthfully, it would still be a lot (we all know the true meaning behind the season); but for me, the magic would be largely lost. This year, it’s been much harder to pull together a cozy holiday atmosphere at home for many reasons (a sanity-testing remodel at my mom’s being reasons numbered 1 – 30). But even with obstacles and tribulations, Santa’s spirit still made it to my house (albeit, a little later than I might have hoped) – and I’m cherishing it more than ever.

To heighten the sense of nostalgia, I thought it best to wrap simply: brown kraft paper tied with baker’s twine, white yarn, and red velvet ribbon. When push came to shove, though, the extreme simplicity struck me as…boring. What came next was a weeklong hunt for package tie-ons with whimsy and charm, only satisfied by one Christmas genre: vintage. Missouri Mouse (Saint Paul) and the antique malls on Hopkins’ Main Street acted as my largest suppliers for the task, offering perfectly sweet baubles and figures that suited the aesthetic quite perfectly. The result? A spread of gifts oozing personality that no big box retailer’s stock could have ever accomplished.



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