Rockstud Repetition

Two Minneapolis artists are on the same page with their raw gemstone-inspired creations; and I, for one, am happy about it. Jesse Draxler, a graduate of St. Paul’s College of Visual arts, offers a moderately dark but beautiful moment in his new(ish) set of images titled: ‘Imaginal Cells.’ The jagged minerals that mask the lovely, feminine faces make for quite the juxtaposition. Somehow, it is extremely pleasing. Joshua Ellias Manoles, a recent MCAD grad, mirrors the geometric sentiment with a collection of 14 psychedelic scanned rock images in his new exhibit, ‘SOLID.’  The colors are powerful, and the textures encourage a closer look. I’ll take two of each, thanks.

SOLID, Joshua Ellias

drex1 drex2 drex3 drex4 drex5Imaginal Cells, Jesse Draxler



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