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Menswear-inspired-collageI unintentionally favor menswear-inspired looks. Well, maybe it’s intentional, but sometimes it’s subliminal. As I flipped through the pins on my “Street Style” board (Pinterest remains the hero of my universe), I noticed a few reoccurring themes: boyfriend jeans (to be profiled in depth at a later date), oversized outerwear, and slouchy beanies (sort of irrelevant to this conversation, because they are a unisex item as far as I’m concerned). Also? Navy and black. Surprising, because I rarely combine the two in my own wardrobe. I think I’m still a little unnerved about wearing the colors together. They’ve long been frenemies in the traditional fashion sense; a faux pas of sorts. I must remember to break out of that shell. Navy and black are “chi-iii-iiiic” (a’la Chic P’Trique, cue video). I digress…

Sometimes, if I sport the looser looks on too many consecutive days, I feel the need to wear something figure-conscious to show that I actually have a shape. And I don’t mean, like, “Yeah, I’ve got some rockin’ legs on me”; I just mean, literally, I have two legs that are in proportion to the rest of my body as you see it. (The same issue applies to my upper body). I think the worry is unwarranted, but it’s an honest insecurity, nonetheless. Regardless, I tend to feel most like myself in the kind of uniform pictured above. I’m a downtown tomboy/girl at heart.


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