The High-Low Costume Jewelry Game

J.Crew is killing it in the costume jewelry department. They continually roll out new looks each season that never fail to garner my attention and dwindle the funds in my wallet. The good news is that the fund-dwindling is relatively low impact – the goods deliver maximum style punch with a moderate price tag (especially compared to other of-the-moment costume jewelry designers out there). A few of my current favorite pieces aren’t available online (not sure why that would be), but it wasn’t hard to choose some other definite winners to highlight. The other pieces in focus are obviously wonderful – if you have the cash to justify them. Take your pick, but just know that when your pocketbook is feeling a little slim, you have options. And it will hardly feel  like a compromise.



Lulu Frost for J.Crew Wing Necklace, here

Auden Flynn Necklace, here

J.Crew Crystal Bauble Earrings, here

Dannijo Harper Long Earrings, here

J.Crew Crystal Color Stone Necklace, here

Tom Binns Crystal Bib Necklace, here

J.Crew Crystal Crush Bracelet, here

Dannijo Skylar Bracelet, here

J.Crew Flower Lattice Necklace, here

Erickson Beamon Hello Sweetie Necklace, here

J.Crew Neon Rose Crystal Necklace, here

Dannijo Julie Necklace, here

J.Crew Pastel and Neon Necklace, here

Dannijo Gallilee Necklace, here


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