It’s okay to wear a sweatshirt.

There is no doubt in my mind that it is time for spring. In fact, I am dependent on the fact that the nicer weather will roll in soon. I’ve got the winter blues and I’m not alone. Despite my best efforts to fight this humdrum mood (vitamin D supplements, at-home Sunday spa days, hot pink grafted cactus pots, bundles of fresh flowers, outings to Marvel Bar), I still feel less than enthused. Unfortunately, untimely cold weather can induce hibernation and poor self-presentation. Fortunately, I have no problem wearing a sweatshirt – especially when it’s jazzed up with clusters of my favorite crystals (the opal kind). Thanks to my J.Crew sweatshirt, typically coupled with the creamy alpaca scarf my mom lovingly knit for me (wrapped tightly around my neck and covering my chin) and my slouchy cashmere Eileen Fisher hat, I am all set to accomplish warmth and comfort in a more stylish manner. Whatever your tactic, making an effort in any small way to spice up your many layers of clothing can make a difference – for both your public image and your self-esteem.    

winter-blues21. Beanie, Roberto Collina

2. Jeweled sweatshirt, J.Crew

3. Knit scarf

4. Vintage lounge pant, Current/Elliott

5. Grained leather chukka boot, Alexander Wang

6. Trouser slouch socks, J.Crew


One thought on “It’s okay to wear a sweatshirt.

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