Some dolls are cool

I get a lot of flack for the sweet gals that sit atop my bedroom table. For a long time, there were only two sisters: a rosey-cheeked, hollow composition head and an Italian-made, diaper-clad babe. On Sunday, the family grew. Thanks to my favorite Saint Paul antique store, Missouri Mouse, a silly little kewpie has entered the picture. I understand the push back, I do. Porcelain dolls with physical hair and realistic features that sit on shelves are creepy; I am the first to admit it. But these are different! Old-school composition and plastic dolls are like little pieces of pop art to me. Their sweet features and vintage charm catch my eye and melt my heart. Although I definitely keep an eye out whenever I am treasure-hunting, I am highly selective and only “adopt” when I really feel the love (hence a total of 3 pieces in about 4 years). Feast your eyes on my little slices of sweetness!



One thought on “Some dolls are cool

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