Kinfolk volume 7 is here!

The new volume of Kinfolk is here, friends. I scurried over to my local Anthropologie to pick up a copy on Wednesday evening. I was especially excited about this issue because Brooklyn-based floral genius Amy Merrick played a role in one of the spreads. As an ode to ice cream, Merrick designed arrangements in freshly folded waffle cones that look good enough to eat. The flower cones are almost more appealing than the dairy treat, itself (which is saying a lot coming from an ice cream devotee).

As I leafed through the pages, I was struck with a sense of lightness. It was as if I got to skip past the next couple of crummy months (melted snow, new snow, melted, new) and had the great fortune of landing right in the middle of spring, in all of it’s glory. The people behind Kinfolk really have a gift for creating a sense of ambience with only paper and flat images as their vehicles. Each image feels deeply personal and projects an instant mood; each visual transports me to a distant memory or a future dream. Kinfolk is down to earth, tasteful, and beautiful. It holds onto an air of subtlety that sets it so far apart from the glossy pages of its predecessors, traditional magazines (don’t get me wrong, I have love for them, too). Bonus points for matte pages that make the magazine feel like a million bucks, not $18.

Kinfolk-1-version-2Kinfolk-2kinfolk-3kinfolk-5kinfolk-4Images courtesy of Kinfolk


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