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Stacks and stacks: Cool or contrived?

It’s quite the dilemma. What do you do with already-read magazines? Toss them? Catalogue tears and dispose of the rest? Save them all without a second thought? I’ve done a combination of the three. With interior magazines in particular, I tear out inspiration pieces and file them in black books filled with crisp, clear sleeves (sourced from Blick). As far as fashion magazines go, I pretty much hoard my Elles and Bazaars until I can’t hoard anymore (hence, the topic of magazine stacks). And let’s be honest, the version of the story where I toss perfectly good, glossy magazines into the trash is fairly rare, if not non-existent. So, delving deeper into the discussion, are stacks of monthly bound publications just another source of clutter? Or does the occasional, nonchalant pile reflect a creative and inspired homeowner? Since we already know I’m in the camp that believes in the stack, I should probably clarify by saying that I’m also a bit wary. In some circumstances, it can make a room look unkempt and scattered. It can also end up looking more forced and arranged than casually collected. I’ve come to believe that the key, though, is maintaining continuity within your heap. One mustn’t muddle the visual by mixing bindings of different colors and patterns.

stack no no

Instead, curate your selection to include only one or two colors (black and white are ideal). Maintain a simplistic visual amidst the madness (sticking to only a few repetitive publications might help) and you’ll be just fine. Hoard on, my sweets.

good3 good4 good5good2




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