Sunday Funday: Faux Glow Edition

It’s officially the dead of winter. Are you feeling a little pasty? If you’ve learned to embrace your pale skin, by all means….continue to own it. I’ve never been a tan gal – definitely not in the winter and rarely even in the summer. I do, however, enjoy a gentle glow when I can get it. Enter: Kiehl’s  Sun-Free Self-Tanning Formula. It is the best (most subtle, least streaky) sunless tanner that I’ve used to date and it works double duty for both the face and body. This small bottle will last you awhile – especially in the winter when often the only skin that peeks out from your wool sweater is that on your face and neck. I apply a thin layer in the morning beneath my makeup on occasion and it’s just the ticket. Do yourself a favor and give this formula a go for a sheer and natural glow. Did that just happen? Maybe I should reroute my resume to a jingle-writing talent agency…


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