Store Spotlight: MoMA Store Soho

It’s not a secret. The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) Store holds a curated selection of well-designed merchandise – particularly for the home. I had a lot of fun browsing the lofty, brightly lit store in Soho. Though the visit did not result in damage to my pocketbook (yet), it did a number on my heart. Following are some of the unique items that I have cataloged  in the back of my mind for possible purchase in the future (maybe the not-so-distant future).

Cucina Colori Dinnerware

Cucina Colori Dinnerware

Cucina Colori Dinnerware.

I’m usually not one for colored china, but the subtlety of the hued rims has me quite enamored. At a contrast to the stark white porcelain, rims of yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple bring just the right amount of playfulness to an everyday set of dishes.  Plus – they are dishwasher and microwave safe. These days, it isn’t  sensible to own anything but.

Buy the set here for $75.

Multicolor 5-piece Flatware Set

Another colorful mealtime accessory! In the shop and online, this flatware set is paired with the Cocina Colori dishes from above. Together, they are too much for my taste. But this flatware might be the perfect match for a streamlined, basic white table setting.

Buy the set here for $60.

Cocktail Glasses by Ricardo Salas

Cocktail Glasses by Ricardo Salas

A novel and unique glassware set, but not entirely practical (hand wash only). In the flesh, these glasses are weighty and fit the curve of your hand perfectly. You can sense the quality at first sip.

The set of four can be purchased right here for $75.

Cheese Serving Set by Frank Bleeker

I can’t pinpoint the reason I’m drawn to these bad boys, other than the fact that I love cheese. What a great way to take the cheese eating experience to the next level. More reasons to purchase? Sure, I can come up with at least two. The rosewood-handled utensils are made by a family-owned business in the Netherlands, and the set comes packaged in a beautiful wooden box.

$75 right here.

Hands Bowl by Yumi Masuko

Hands Bowl by Yumi Masuko

I have a fairly recent “thing” for hands in design. Though certainly not as cool and not nearly as extravagant, the Hands Bowl by Yumi Masuko reminds me of Friedeberg’s iconic hand chair.


Friedeberg’s Hand Chair

Friedeberg’s Hand Chair in action

The bowl can be purchased here for $55, and if you have enough dough to purchase the $10,000 hand chair (more power to you), you’ll likely be able to find the sources to do so.

Garland Shade Light by Tord Boontje

Garland Shade Light by Tord Boontje

Garland Shade Light by Tord Boontje

Interior design blogger and television star Emily Henderson recently featured these beauties in an e-commerce post/partnership. They’re totally affordable and could be so awesome in the right setting. I’m keeping an eye out for the perfect spot.

Purchase here for $100.

“Step” Ladder by Karl Malmvall

“Step” Ladder by Karl Malmvall

“Step” Ladder by Karl Malmvall

I love this step ladder in glossy white. The best part about this piece is that its practicality makes the purchase tooootally justifiable. Totally. A beautiful shelf to house conversation pieces and books one minute – a helping hand to reach that just-a-little-bit-too-high light bulb the next. How can you go wrong?

Purchase here for $295.

Wobble Salt and Pepper Shakers

Think miniature boxing partner. These condiment holders are weighted at the bottom so they never fall over. Knock them around ’til your heart’s content. Available right here for $35.

Spherical Ice Tray Set

Spherical Ice Tray Set

Finally, here is an item that is a bit gimmicky but apparently one of  MoMA’s best sellers. Looks like a heck of a lot of effort to get just two cubes, but I’m buying into the visual appeal once they make it to the glass.


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