Antiquing in Stamford: Part 2

As a follow-up to my last post, I’m sharing some more photos of merchandise held within the confines of giant antique shops in Stamford, Connecticut.

Hamptons Antique Galleries


Oushack Rug Ottoman – Turkish, $1,450

This is something that I’d like to find at home. I’m not sure it’s quite worth the cost of shipping it to Minnesota, but if I spotted it in my homeland, I’d think about snatching it up.

Vintage Knoll Bertoia Chairs, $1,100/pair

I’ve long lusted after these chairs.

Lucite Side Table, $1,495

A great, solid little lucite table. This is my kinda people.

Faux Bamboo Vintage Settee, $1,150

With a newly covered cushion, this looks like an item that could be in a modern-day Jonathan Adler storefront.

Stone Roman Ruin on Lucite, $350

Awesome. I truly wish I could have taken this home with me, but the weight of it would have made transportation too difficult. The combination of the sharp and contemporary lucite beneath the weathered, earthy ruin is magnificent.

Antique and Artisan Center


French Bronze Crystal Sconces – Bought in Paris, $2,995

Gorgeous…and might be quite the pairing for the Baroque chandelier featured in the last post.

Belgian Boxwood Hand, $295

A much, much cooler version of something I already have. Upgrade?

A Shelf of Coral

Birdsnest Coral, $200

Birdsnest Coral, $200

My mom and I fell in love with this delicate piece of coral. The problem was just that – too delicate for travel. We will be searching high and low for something that comes close to this. At least now I know its’ namesake (birdsnest)!

That completes the tour!


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