Antiquing in Stamford: Part 1

I’ve officially been positioned in New York for one week now, and what a week it’s been. My mom spent time with me for the first few days and we tired ourselves out trying to do it all. On our best day, the two of us ventured off to Stamford, Connecticut, to check out a few antique shops suggested by Andrew Flesher (of Andrew Flesher Interiors – http://www.andrewflesher.com/). We had no idea what we were in for. I have never before in my life seen so many gorgeous pieces in one place. We spent hours and hours browsing approximately 144,000 square feet of antiques (yeah, I did the math). Sometimes it’s frustrating to find things you love and not be able to swing the shipping costs halfway across the country to get the items home, but it was so fun to browse. I went crazy taking photos of items that I deemed worthy. Let’s take a gander at some of these gems.

Hiden Galleries


Cream Settee, $1,295

The shape of this piece is so elegant.

Metal Dental Cabinet, $1,250

This would be so cool in a bathroom….storage galore.

Atelier Hand Made Chair, $2,200/pair

I really love this chair. The patterned fabric cushion is a great juxtaposition against the frame.

French Louis XV Double Caned Settee, $2,650

I’ve never seen anything like this at home. Even if it isn’t your style, it is so beautiful. The double caning is to die for. The photo simply does not do the piece justice.

Carved Folk Art Fish with Glass Eyes, $500

I have a weird draw to this little fella. One of those ugly/pretty items that needs a good home and the perfect setting.

Lucite Side Table on Wheels

French Game Table with Leather Top – Napoleon III – Circa 1880, $2,500

French Game Table with Leather Top – Napoleon III – Circa 1880, $2,500

Pretty pretty pretty pretty. I see this being great combined with some more modern pieces to create the eclectic look that I love.

Golden Hanging Cherub Light

Quirky cherub light….I love him.

Large Domed Gold and Crystal Pendant

Putting a little baroque in your life. Trust me, you’re all the better for it.

And now on to the curiosities portion of the presentation…!

Collection of Shark Jaws, $865

Mom thought these were creepy, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Mounted Turtle Shell, $165

A Shelf of Shells

Coral Finger, $160

Ram Horns on Lucite, $595/pair

Brush Installation, $475

Brush Installation, $475

Original Hand-Beaded Wall Art Hanging by Suzanne Fellman, $200

Original Hand-Beaded Wall Art Hanging by Suzanne Fellman, $200

Ok…here we go. An ugly/pretty item. The majority of the world might find this to be completely hideous but I seriously contemplated the purchase. Ugly or pretty? I’m leaning heavily toward “pretty” — and if not “pretty,” maybe “unique” fits the bill. Either way, a decision could not be made.

Stay tuned for posts cataloging found items from The Antique and Artisan Center and Hampton Antique Galleries.


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