Ok. Enough already. I’ve pretty much checked out of the semester and am ready to prepare for my summer in the city. I’d be in the clear except for that pesky cumulative econ final coming up next week that I can’t quite get myself to study for yet. The past little while has been fairly hectic, but rewarding in some ways. Wrapping up our semester-long product development project has proved to be challenging, but upon presenting it to employees at Target headquarters and receiving feedback, I can tell that my group’s hard work has paid off. The project was based on the prompt to “create a luxury product line for Target.” Taking the assignment and running with it, my team chose to work through the development of a menswear collection inspired by “a day in the life” of a handsome, kind, intelligent man that we concocted in our heads and on paper (a fun indulgence during the ideation stage). His name: Grant. We liked it so much that it served as the namesake for the line. The line, consisting of mix-and-match, versatile basics and constructed of quality fabrics, is touched with special details throughout for added personality. It accomplishes the curation of our guest’s wardrobe by serving as a neutral base upon which to build a personal collection. Unlike fast fashion, these items are not disposable after one season, but are intended to be lasting investment pieces. Pictured below are some images from the concept.

And props to my teammates! Tera Peterson, Liz Schenkat, Christine Park, Rose Curry, Jen Voth, and Carol Fallabeck


Grant Mood Board


Grant Persona Board

3D Floor Pad (featuring tiny handmade hangers!)

3D Floor Pad

Technical sketches of full collection

Hang Tag

Marketing Image

Marketing Image


2 thoughts on “Grant

  1. Tera Peterson says:

    I love this!! I can’t wait to read about your adventures in the city, which will obviously include me 🙂

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