Trendspotting: The Curated Wardrobe

Author Daniel P Dykes, in his article The new luxury: The curated wardrobe, shed some light on a fashion trend that clearly contradicts the pattern capitalized upon by retailers such as H&M and Zara. Quantity, not quality, has long been the philosophy surrounding a woman’s wardrobe. The lucky ones lived a life of luxury that included closets stuffed to the brim with never-ending clothing choices – a shoe to match each outfit, a blouse for every day of the week, never having to repeat an article of clothing in a three-week-span. This scene was the epitome of indulgence. No longer. The presence and popularity of fast fashion has been rapidly growing in recent years; so much so that is has become commonplace for the average citizen to own closets such as the one mentioned above. By definition, luxury is the opposite of commonality. So, when anyone and everyone can own too much, what is the luxury-seeking woman to do? The new luxury, and very likely a lasting trend, is a curated wardrobe. A closet occupied by a small volume of only the most stylish pieces is (and will be) the definitive sign of a smart and stylish woman. Neutral colors and unique but flattering shapes will be sought after, and investment pieces will be acquired.  The idea of mixing high-end articles with those that are middle of the market will become more prevalent as this trend gains momentum. Dressing oneself will become instantly simpler as the clutter of superfluous, average choices leaves way for manageable, superior options. The act of curating one’s wardrobe may be a daunting and initially difficult task, but succumbing to this worthy trend will be beneficial in the long run.



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