Whitewashed Interiors

I can’t quite get over my obsession with white everything – in the home, that is (my wardrobe is primarily black). A quick glance at an image of any (well, not just any) all-white interior can brighten my mood in an instant. I feel a sudden sense of lightness and goosebumps trickle up my arms. Dramatic? Perhaps. But, I’m not ashamed. Preferences widely differ concerning the topic of white interiors. For instance, when my mom asked a painter to freshen the walls in her condo with a few, crisp white coats, she was met with unusually strong resistance. Further along into the condo project, my mom was discussing plans with a contractor to white wash the majority of the unit – walls, cement floors, and industrial piping/details on the ceiling. This time, she was met with an even stronger backlash. Though there are certainly some individuals who prefer the more traditional route of choosing wall colors to accent other features of the interior, I am not one of them. White is enough for me. White is “it.” Below are a few of my favorite images highlighting the look.

White on White on White.



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